About nurse dee

Dee was born in Ariton, Alabama attended George W. Long High School in Skipperville, Ala. Dee’s grandfather suffered multiple strokes which hindered his ability to care for himself restricting his independence. The family ensured he received the best care at right at home because those were his grandfather’s wishes. Dee perused nursing undergoing technical training at American Medical Training Institute continuing at Excelsior College completing a piloted accelerated nursing program at Far Eastern University. Due to credentialing and accreditation issues the piloted nursing program was not credential appropriately resulting in non-licensure devastation. The education acquired while studying and undergoing clinical rotations provided exceptional clinical nursing skills. Thought his career as a Licensed Vocational Nurse (LVN) he has worked in various clinical settings, functioning in various roles from staff nurse, unit manager to Director of Staff Development. Dee has held various CNA Instructor positions and has severed as a program consultant for various NA start-up training programs. Assisting clients remain within the community where they thrive safely is his goal. Institutional setting serves a great purpose for many individuals, there are many individuals who seek to remain within the community with community resources in place. Dee’s clinical expertise is community care coordination helping members of the community remain within the community with resources available.

Targeted Clientele: Youth or Adults with medical or mental conditions requiring assistance. **Regional Center Clients** Medi-Cal Clients who are enrolled or which to enroll into the Home and Community Wavier program. Clients who suffer from any mental illness, who needs a nurse to coordinate care with physicians, social worker, case managers or any other healthcare professional.  

Start-up Nursing Assistant Programs: requiring assistance with implementing a start-up nursing assistant training program.